January 5, 2015: Oklahoma Jumps, Florida Takes Out and La Nina Threatens

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

Okla. Shaking Jumped 50% in 2015


The number of earthquakes in Oklahoma rose 50 percent last year, easily surpassing the record number that hit the state in 2014.

El Nino’s Peak Has Weather Forecaster Warning of La Nina


Forecasters are predicting what may be next for the world’s climate.

Antarctic Clouds Studied for First Time in Five Decades


AWARE project will help unravel effects of global warming.

Don’t Trust an Internet Snowstorm Forecast More Than a Week Into the Future

Washington Post

Snowfall forecasts more than a week into the future (and sometimes less) are simply not reliable.  No person and no model has proven otherwise.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

China Insurance Investment Set Up to Serve Beijing’s Strategic Goals in Ports, Other Projects

South China Morning Post

Scores of Chinese insurance companies and insurance premium managers establish direct investment vehicle through its maiden fund.

State Approves Removal of 71,500 Citizens Insurance Policies

Sun Sentinel

Heritage Property & Casualty and  Southern Oak Insurance Co. were approved to take out a majority of the policies.

PwC Says Economic Impact from December’s UK Storms Could top $4 Billion


Losses could climb further, with scores of flood alerts still in place.

Cybersecurity Insurance Explosion Poses Challenges

Bloomberg BNA

Cybersecurity insurers may see premiums gross income rise by 300 percent or more in the next five years, even as the product’s pricing and composition continue to evolve.

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