April 12, 2016: Permanent Capital is the Best Capital, Peak Hurricane Forecasting and Finding a Wholistic Risk Model

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

Hurricane Track Forecasting Could Plateau in a Few Years

Herald Tribune

Noted hurricane forecaster Chris Landsea says that in about 10 years, the science of forecasting could hit a plateau.

‘Godzilla’ El Niño is Dead

Washington Post

It was going to be an El Niño to end all El Niños.

A Zika Catastrophe Could Rival Hurricane Katrina

The Atlantic

Health officials warn that the mosquito-borne illness isn’t just a medical problem; it’s a socioeconomic one.

The Broader Impact

Resolve Magazine 

Resilient infrastructure strengthens the fabric of communities. It requires imagination, preparation, multifaceted contributions and long-range thinking.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

Dan Loeb’s Hedge Fund Is Biggest Winner in Dan Loeb’s Reinsurer


Stock pops or stock drops, there’s always been at least one winner when it comes to Daniel Loeb’s reinsurance company: Daniel Loeb’s hedge fund.

Using New Models and Big Data to Better Understand Financial Risk

MIT News

Bringing together engineers, data theorists, mathematicians, economists, biologists, and policy experts, IDSS is looking at financial risk through a multidisciplinary lens.

Berkshire’s a Good Insurance Operator but a Bad Role Model


Markel’s ‘mini-Berkshire’ premium is unwarranted, and W.R. Berkley is a better choice.

Aspen Hires From Swiss Re, Generali for New Dubai Operation


Aspen is looking to diversify risks and build operations in new markets after rebuffing a hostile takeover bid from Endurance.

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