April 14, 2016: Italian Insurance Can Be Dangerous, a Bigger Risk Than Zika and UK Politician Sees Profit it Cyber "Onslaught"

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

Myanmar Earthquake Causes Only Minor Damage, Officials Say

ABC News

Myanmar appears to have escaped with only minor damage to buildings after a magnitude 6.9 earthquake rattled its remote north and neighbouring countries.

Zika May Be Scary, But a Yellow Fever Outbreak Is Underway and It’s Far More Deadly

MIT Technology News

Yellow fever has already killed hundreds in two African countries, and health officials fear it could spread further.

How to Achieve Flood Resilience? Embrace Innovation


Floods are now causing more economic, social and humanitarian losses worldwide than any other type of natural hazard.

A New Look at the Eye of the Hurricane


NASA’s Hurricane and Severe Storm Sentinel is the first time that NASA tested the use of drones to collect hurricane data.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

Swiss Re, Legal & General Set to Bid for Deutsche’s Abbey Life – Sources


Deutsche Bank has been considering options for Abbey Life adding that a new regulation was making the business unattractive.

Bullets, Secret Tapes and Bribery Claim in Suit Against Italians


For one insurer doing business in Italy, which ranked the worst of any Eurozone member in Transparency International’s 2015 corruption index, is not for the faint-of-heart.

How London Can Turn the Cyber-Attack Onslaught into an Opportunity

City AM

Whether it be the spectre of terror attack or catastrophic flood, reinsurance pools across the globe have historically been developed to handle the kind of risk judged too great for the insurance industry to bear alone.

After Hailstorm Comes a Flood of Damage Claims

San Antonio News Express

USAA received about 15,000 auto claims and 7,500 property claims at midday Wednesday.

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