April 18, 2016: Understanding Kumamoto and Ecuador, Saying Goodbye to Gray

Chris Westfall
Chris Westfall

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Complex Geology Behind Kumamoto Jolt

The Yomiuri Shimbun

Experts said the earthquake occurred as multiple faults moved in conjunction with each other, and warned that earthquakes will continue over a wide area.

Quake Caused More Damage Because Focus Near Surface

The Asahi Shimbun

The fact that the quake’s focus was located relatively near the surface indicated that it was caused by the active faults.

Ecuador and Japan Earthquakes: Are They Related?


The large majority of the world’s earthquakes — about 90% — occur in the Ring of Fire.

William Gray, 86, Pioneer Of Hurricane Meteorology

National Geographic 

Pioneering meteorologist William Gray, who devised seasonal forecasting for hurricane activity, died earlier today surrounded by his family in Fort Collins, Colorado. He was 86.

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Japan Quake Death Toll Rises as Economic Impact Expands

Bloomberg View

Companies survey damage and the potential effects on production from supply-chain disruptions.

In Quake-Devastated Ecuador, Loss Piles Up Amid the Rubble

Washington Post

The government said it would draw on $600 million in emergency funding from multilateral banks to rebuild.

Firms Affected by Kyushu Earthquakes

Japan Times

A list of key companies affected by the Kyushu earthquakes and the status of their facilities.

Big Insurers Prefer Fund Management

Financial Times (sub may be required)

Regulation and low interest rates force large companies to look elsewhere for profit