April 8, 2016: World Bank Expands Insurance Program and a Climate Model Rethink
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April 8, 2016: World Bank Expands Insurance Program and a Climate Model Rethink

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

Climate Models May Overstate Clouds’ Cooling Power, Research Says

New York Times

f the findings are borne out by further research, it suggests that making progress against global warming will be even harder.

What Research Says about Defeating Terrorism

Scientific American

Seven enlightening studies from social psychology hold vital lessons for policy makers—and the rest of us

‘A Dire Prediction’ on Melting Ice Sheets and Rising Sea Levels

LA Times

A new study published in the journal Nature painted perhaps the most ominous picture yet of sea level rise.

USGS Head Warns Senate on Earthquake Risk Around Oil and Gas Activity

Houston Chronicle 

The head of the USGS told senators Thursday that her agency would work with federal regulators on developing new rules around oil and gas activity tied to a surge in earthquakes in Oklahoma, Texas and other states.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

World Bank Ramps up Help for Poor to Adapt to Climate Change


The plan includes providing five more countries with national-level insurance against disaster risk.

Utilities Seek to Stockpile Essential Parts for Disasters

WSJ (sub may be required) 

Grid Assurance will store, sell equipment to power companies if hit by attacks, earthquakes.

Ruling Behind MetLife’s ‘Too Big to Fail’ Reprieve Unsealed

New York Times

Judge Collyer determined that the regulatory council fell short in its designation process in several areas.

Flood Re’s Journey

Politics Home

Association of British Insurers  Director General, Huw Evans, reflects on the launch of Flood Re, a new scheme to help people living in flood risk areas get affordable home insurance

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