August 11, 2016: Minding the Modeling Gap, Measuring Crop Catastrophes and Zurich Reorg Pays Off

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

Assessing Crop Damages After Extreme Weather

MIT News

New method to track the impact of typhoons and other natural disasters could enable more precise, timely delivery of food aid.

Study: Seawalls, Coastal Forests in Japan Help Reduce Tsunami Damage

Purdue News

Seawalls higher than 5 meters reduce damage and death, while coastal forests also play an important role in protecting the public.

When Disaster-Response Apps Fail

The Conversation

Communities need to create multiple independent systems to ensure connectivity.

Are Conservationists Worrying Too Much About Climate Change?

New Yorker

The current causes of species loss appear to be inversely proportional to the media attention—and, to some extent, the research and funding attention—they receive.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

Bridging the Risk Modeling Gap

Center for American Progress

Expanding climate-related risk insurance through global risk assessment.

Zurich Insurance Rises as Greco’s Reorganization Gains Traction


The CEO is trying to improve profitability by cutting jobs, selling assets, being pickier on what the company insures and combining the biggest units, global life and general insurance.

At-Risk B.C. Municipalities Consider Earthquake Coverage

Globe & Mail

Municipalities in southwestern British Columbia are considering buying insurance to bring some crucial infrastructure back online quickly in the event of an earthquake.

General Insurers Expect Bumper Harvest from New Crop Insurance

Financial Express

Indian non-life insurers are hoping to reap a bumper harvest estimated around Rs 13,000 crore per annum from the new crop insurance scheme.

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