August 3, 2016: Canada Needs a Quake Fund, Earl's Real Threat and Scientists Model Zika's Spread While Lawmakers Ignore It

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

Tropical Storm Earl Bears Down on Mexico, Belize and Honduras


Wind, rainfall and rising seas present ‘triple threat’ say US meteorologists.

These Scientists Called the Zika Outbreak in Miami Months Ago

MIT Technology News

Computer modeling of mosquitoes, climate, and human travel patterns put South Florida in the crosshairs.

When Zika Got Political, American Cities Got Screwed


Zika outbreaks going undetected in low-income areas is a real concern.

Reach in and Touch Objects in Videos with “Interactive Dynamic Video”

MIT News

The technique from Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab could improve augmented reality, including, earthquake simulations.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

Insurance Sector Vulnerable to Large-Scale Earthquake, Former Bank Regulator Says

Financial Post

A federal emergency backstop arrangement is needed for the country’s property and casualty insurers.

AIG Curtails Event-Driven, Long-Short Bets in Hedge Fund Retreat


Event-driven holdings were cut 41 percent to $700 million.

Public Hearing Set for Proposed Citizens Insurance Rate Hike

Sun Sentinel

The company said its rate hikes stemmed from increases in non-weather-related water claims and resulting lawsuits.

AIG, MetLife Report Earnings as Big Changes Loom

WSJ (sub may be required)

Some big insurers may be about to give some hints about some big changes they have in store.

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