August 31, 2016: Lionrock Floods Japan, Manila Scraps Catastrophe Pool and "Retailizing" Catastrophe Bonds

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

Lionrock Leaves 11 Dead, Three Missing in Flooded North Japan

Japan Times

Flooding appeared to be the main cause of the fatalities.

Storm Bears Down on Florida, Hurricane Threatens Hawaii


Flooding, storm surge, fierce winds and tornadoes were all threats to Florida.

Slow Earthquakes Are a Thing


Slow earthquakes regularly move more earth than deadly fast quakes, but no one feels a thing.

Fires Pollute The Air in West Africa

Particles in the air the impact on the formation and breakup of clouds has not yet been included in weather and climate models.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

Despite the Exposure to Seismic Risk, Few Swiss Homeowners Take Out Earthquake Insurance

Le News

Cantons push back, but one proposal calls for compulsory earthquake insurance imposed at a federal level.

These Bonds Still Yield Over 5 Percent—But are They Safe for Investors?


Catastrophe bonds are yielding over 5 percent, but market-watchers warn investors need to take care before entering the $25 billion market.

Catastrophe Pool Insurance Shelved

Business Mirror (Philippines)

The proposed mandatory catastrophe insurance for all households and micro, small and medium enterprises has been shelved, an official of the Insurance Commission said.

‘Chaos’ as Lawyers Scramble Ahead of IAG Cutoff

NZ Stuff

IAG said it will use the Limitations Act against body corporates which own multi-unit properties, and commercial building owners.

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