August 4, 2016: Earl Heads to Mexico, Cutting Crop Cover and an Olympic Size Disease Lab
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August 4, 2016: Earl Heads to Mexico, Cutting Crop Cover and an Olympic Size Disease Lab

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

Hurricane Earl Drenching Belize, then Heading for Mexico

Washington Post

The hurricane center said heavy rains would be a danger in southern Mexico through Saturday as Earl crosses the Yucatan Peninsula.

Typhoon Nida Creates Chaos Across Hong Kong


After battering the Philippines, Nida shunted in 90mph winds, chasing residents to the city’s tunnels.

Making Waves: the Tsunami Risk in Australia

The Conversation

Australians are well versed in the homegrown natural hazards, but they don’t often stop to consider the threat posed by tsunamis. Should we?

If You Want to Study Disease, the Olympics Are Where to Be


Mass gatherings like Olympics pose unique risks.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

The Insurance Market for Modern-Day Pirates

Odd Lots (podcast)

An interview with Dana Miller, a marine scientist who published a study last month showing a significant number of insured illegal vessels.

Insurers’ Results Dented by Low Interest Rates, Catastrophe Claims

WSJ (sub may be required)

Insurers reported a messy second quarter plagued by low interest rates and catastrophe claims.

Why Crop Insurance Isn’t Used More

In a study released this month, over time some farmers will substitute savings for insurance.

Berkshire Said to Draw Fed Scrutiny Over Wells Fargo Investment


Berkshire’s tapestry of modern capitalism is prompting U.S. regulators to examine its holdings.

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