December 14, 2015: Japan Passes the Earthquake Test, Miami Under Siege and Fosun Deals Revisited

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

 Typhoon Threatens Central Philippines, 750,000 Evacuated


Known locally as typhoon Nona, it was expected to roll across nearby islands before making landfall later on Monday close to Sorsogon.

Japan’s Building Standards Withstand Biggest Quake-Resistance Test

Asahi Shimbun 

The world’s largest-scale quake-resistance experiment was conducted and a 10-story building conforming to Japan’s safety standards wobbled and cracked but passed the test.

The Siege of Miami

The New Yorker

As temperatures climb, so, too, will sea levels.

Going Dutch to Help Conquer the Rising Seas

Had nature been left to take its course much of the Netherlands would be a muddy swamp and the tiny coastal nation would never have risen to be the eurozone’s fifth largest economy.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

 European Insurers Differ in Reaction to Low Interest Rates

FT (sub may be required)

Sharp differences have emerged in the way that European insurers are reacting to low interest rates.

Suncorp Margins Hit by Weather and Tradies

The Australian

The cost of insurance claims from natural disasters and a shortage of tradespeople to fix the damage they wreak are combining to depress margins at Suncorp.

Fosun Probe Raises Doubts About Bids for Israeli Insurers


Fosun’s troubles represent the latest setback for Delek Group Ltd., which needs to sell its stake in Phoenix Holdings Ltd.

Hedge Fund Reinsurance Isn’t Always Reassuring

Alpha (sub may be required)

Hedge fund reinsurers find that when their investment performance falters, their underwriting performance is not far behind.

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