December 14, 2016: Geography of Mortality, London Battles Bermuda for ILS,  Boston's 50 Year Flood Warning

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

How Americans Die May Depend On Where They Live


A new study also looked at how mortality from the 21 causes of death has changed over time, from 1980 through 2014.

Climate Change Brewing More Extreme Weather, Shifting Breaking Points

Ars Technica

Simulation, observations show how extreme precipitation is affected by climate.

Boston Climate Change Report Paints Dire Portrait of 50-Year Forecast

Boston Herald

A major flood could affect more than 90,000 Bostonians and 12,000 buildings, causing $14 billion in damages.

Syrian Refugees Face New Obstacle: Turkish Earthquakes

More than 2.5 million Syrian refugees who fled to Turkey in the past five years now live in seismically active regions.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

London Outrun by Bermuda on Catastrophe Bonds

Financial Times (sub may be required)

Regulatory pace limits UK capital’s ambition for $70bn market.

China Regulator to Step Up Curbs on Insurers’ Stock Speculation


China’s top insurance official followed the nation’s securities authority in denouncing insurers’ leveraged buying spree in listed firms.

Lloyd’s of London Concerned for 2017 After Insurance Loss


To tackle the downturn in premium rates, insurers would need to review their business plans for 2017 and exert the same “underwriting discipline.”

Tampa’s Biggest Property Insurer Signals it Wants to Get Bigger

Tampa Bay Business Journal

A new financial deal lead by Fermat is the largest debt transaction for the Florida property insurance industry this year.

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