December 2, 2016: Tornados are Swarming, Insurers Need a Cyber Catastrophe and Mapping Auckland's Volcanoes

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

Tornado Swarms Are On the Rise—but Don’t Blame Climate Change


Global warming isn’t in doubt, but scientists are stumped about increasingly violent storms.

Rhode Island Researchers Predict, Map Future Flooding

Government Technology

The maps are the product of what experts say is one of the most sophisticated models to project future damage from storm surges and sea level rise.

Global Warming Research in Danger as Trump Appoints Climate Skeptic to NASA Team

The Intercept

Christopher Shank is unconvinced of a reality that is accepted by the vast majority of climate scientist.

How Auckland Volcanoes Could Erupt

New Zealand Herald

The Auckland Volcanic Field is home to 52 volcanoes that have erupted in the last 250,000 years.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

Insurers Grapple with Cyber-Attacks That Spill Over Into Physical Damage

The Economist 

Only a cyber-calamity will reveal how ready the industry is.

Two Sigma Unleashes 730,000 Data Scientists in Algo Contest


Quants will have three months to create a predictive trading model from four gigabytes of financial data provided by Two Sigma.

Swiss Re Confirms Targets, to Focus on Differentiation


“We acknowledge significant challenges in some of our markets but we remain optimistic for our industry in the long term.”

What Real Climate Change Innovation Looks Like


One research + design company is rethinking how to build a climate-ready future–and how to pay for it, including insurance-linked securities

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