December 23, 2016: Beachwood Dipped in Platinum Scandal, All The Man-Made Quakes and Data Geeks Beat Hedge Fund Heroes

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

Website Maps Vanuatu Climate Change Flooding Risk


A new web tool is allowing Pacific Islanders on Vanuatu to see how rising sea levels could affect their homes and businesses over the coming years.

Bhubaneswar Working on Model to Predict Coastal Inundation

The Hindu

Research on coastal inundation assumes significance as intensity of tropical cyclones is predicted to rise even as the number of events would remain the same.

China Reports First Two Human Deaths From Bird Flu This Winter


The Anhui cases bring the total number of people infected with the H7N9 virus in mainland China this month to at least seven.

It’s Not Just Fracking: New Database of Human-Induced Quakes


In the largest compilation of anthropogenically induced earthquakes, causes range from building water reservoirs to mining.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

Beechwood Hit by Links to Firm in Fraud Case

Royal Gazette

A Bermudian reinsurance and wealth-management firm has been linked to a $1 billion fraud case in the US.

Data Scientists Making Millions Vie With Fund Managers Over Pay


Portfolio managers at hedge funds have another thing to worry about: the $2 million data scientist.

The Airbnb of the Insurance Industry?

Bloomberg (video)

Companies like Friendsurance see an opportunity to innovate an industry stuck in an old-fashioned status quo with high fees and low customer satisfaction.

Chinese Insurtech Giant Zhong An Turns Its Back on a US IPO

Business Insider

Insurance companies are at risk of losing a share of this valuable market to new entrants.

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