December 29, 2016: Lloyd's Predicts 2017 Cyber Insurance Boom and All the Good and Bad Data of 2016

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

The Best And Worst Data Stories Of 2016


Honoring those who did remarkably good stuff with data, to shame those who did remarkably bad stuff.

From Crispr to Zika, Here Are 2016’s Biggest Biology Stories


Beyond Zika, biologists continued to hammer away at old enemies like HIV, cholera, and antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

South Florida Tidal Floods Could Occur 10 Times Per Year by 2040

Palm Beach Post

The five higher events occurred during hurricanes, including 2005’s Hurricane Wilma.

Wave Gliding in the Eye of the Storm


Scientists use a new remote-controlled robot to capture data from the middle of an open ocean typhoon.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

Boom in Cyber Attack Insurance Predicted to Gather Pace

Financial Times (sub may be required)

Lloyd’s of London expects further surge in demand after 50 per cent rise in 2016.

Flood Insurance Coverage Booms After Devastation in Baton Rouge Area, But Will it Last?

The Advocate

Surges in coverage are common after a flood, some required as a condition of receiving federal assistance and others in reaction to the devastation.

China Tightens Regulation on Insurance Company Ownership Structure


The upper limit of a single shareholder’s stake in an insurance company will be lowered to one-third.

Challenge 2017: Fort McMurray Faces Massive Rebuild After Most Expensive Natural Disaster in Canadian History

Financial Post

The Insurance Bureau of Canada pegged the cost in claims at $3.6 billion.

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