December 3, 2015: Climate Talks Pivot to Loss Cost and Sun Superflare Worries

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

The Sun Could Release Flares 1000x Greater Than Previously Recorded

If the Sun were to superflare the Earth’s communications and energy systems could be at serious risk of failing.

Six Things Americans Should Know About Mass Shootings

The Conversation

A criminologist reviews recent research to dispel common misconceptions.

A Smarter Kind of Crash Test Dummy

MIT Tech News

Researchers combine real vehicle, scene, and medical data to simulate car crashes on a supercomputer.

Planned Journey to the Mantle of the Earth Will Break Records

Sydney Morning Herald 

Samples taken from drilling super deep into a line of deep trenches, mountains and undersea volcanoes are set to revolutionise earth science.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

‘Loss and Damage’ Creeps in From the Cold at U.N. Climate Talks


In the climate negotiations, there is still a lack of clarity on what “loss and damage” is, and how to resolve it.

Insurers Ready to Throw £15 Billion at Pension Deals

Financial News

UK pension de-risking deals are set to surge in 2016 as insurers prepare to provide them with record funding of £15 billion – £5 billion more than this year, according to consultant Lane, Clark & Peacock.

XL Group Sells $22 Billion of Life Policies at Loss in RGA Deal


The deal represents about $22 billion of insurance in force and XL expects to record a net loss of about $34 million tied to the transaction.

BoE Warns Insurers on Temptations of Tapping Reserves


Britain’s insurers were warned by the Bank of England on Wednesday not to dip into their reserves to flatter earnings if doing so would undermine their resilience to market shocks.

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