December 8, 2016: Citizens Ready to Grow Again, Bigger Oklahoma Quakes to Come and Insurers Need Brexit Help

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

Rise in Tornado Numbers per Outbreak May Not Be Tied to Warming


Scientists studying why previous research revealed a steadily increasing number of tornadoes in the United States per outbreak find an unexpected result.

Oklahoma ‘Almost Certain’ for Another Damaging Earthquake

Tulsa World

Oklahoma at risk for more damaging temblors over next 5 years, according to Stanford study.

Nation’s Death Rate Rises as Progress Against Heart Disease Stalls

WSJ (sub may be required)

Researchers point to obesity epidemic as a key factor behind increase, call for more public-health measures.

Economic Impact of Bushfires in NSW, ACT to Double by 2050, Climate Council Report Finds

ABC News

The Climate Council found bushfires currently cost both jurisdictions about $100 million every year.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

Boomtown, Flood Town


Development is creating short-term economic gains for some while increasing flood risks for everyone.,

Insurer Citizens Enters ‘Different Stage,’ Expects to Grow in 2017

Palm Beach Post

Florida’s last-resort insurer expects to get bigger in 2017 — returning to more than half a million policies.

Britain Needs Brexit Transitional Deal – Insurance Trade Body


Britain should commit to transitional arrangements after it leaves the European Union, or insurers may leave the country ahead of Brexit.

First PPP Reinsurer Opens for Business

China Daily

The government has set the goal of expanding the Chinese reinsurance market to 330 billion yuan of premiums by 2020.

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