December 9, 2015: Hedge Fund Managers Don't Die, They Just Move to Reinsurance and Undercover Climate Science

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today


Greenpeace Subterfuge Tests Climate Research

New York Times

A sting operation suggests that some researchers who dispute mainstream scientific conclusions on climate change are willing to conceal the sources of payment for their research.

Why the Strongest Hurricane on Record Was No ‘Catastrophe’ 

International Confederation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies 

The Mexican Red Cross says it acted during 3 key phases through analysis, anticipation, and timely and immediate response. 

Why Do Flood Defences Fail?

The Conversation

Knowing how much risk to take is a tricky business.

The U.S. Navy’s $500 Million Ship That’s Ready for Disaster in a Warmer World


One contractor is building a new ship for the Navy that’s ideal for dealing with the consequences of a warmer, more volatile world.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today


Meredith Whitney Is Back: Overseeing Stocks at Bermuda’s Arch


Running a hedge fund didn’t work out for Meredith Whitney. So she’s starting fresh at a Bermuda-based insurer.

Why the Paris Climate Conference Matters for Investors

Institutional Investors

The potential for change could impact the investment landscape for decades.

Computer Sciences Corp to Buy Xchanging for 480 Million Pounds


The cash offer of 190 pence per share represents a premium of about 72 percent to Xchanging's closing price on Oct. 2.

US Elections May Spur Cyber Attacks

Financial Times (sub may be required)

Some hope the insurance industry will come up with more robust options for companies to help protect against financial losses.

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