December 9, 2016: Insurers Drink Lemonade, the U.S. Southeast Will Burn and the CFTC Switches Its Derivatives Playbook

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

Inside the Research Center that Demolishes Homes to Make Them Safer


The 90-acre Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety testing center in Chester County, South Carolina, is where the organization destroys homes in an effort to create better, safer building codes.

The Southeast Is Becoming A Wildfire Hotspot


Several climatologists and scientists said long-term climate models predict that the Southeast will continue to experience rising temperatures.

Tsunami Warning Cancelled after South Pacific Earthquake

The Guardian

Quake of 7.7 magnitude had put residents on alert in Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea and other island countries.

Reproducing Results

University of Delaware

A new paper emphasizes need to share and cite data, code, workflow across fields of research.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

An Epic Legal Battle with Big Implications for Litigation Funding

The Economist 

A quarter-century-old insurance claim approaches a legal milestone.

U.S. Derivatives Regulator to Move on From Dodd-Frank Under Trump


The CFTC will focus on cyber threats, liquidity risk, market concentration and de-globalization.

Home Insurance, but With a Philanthropic Twist


Lemonade is counting on a sleek app and a flat 20 percent cut of premiums to win over those turned off by traditional insurance.

We Must Listen to the Needs of Our Financial Services Sector

The Times (sub may be required)

A UK parliament member pleads for leaders to listen to the Brexit worries of reinsurers.

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