EQECAT Database Change Part of Larger Re-Architecture Plan

EQECAT is updating the software database portion of its primary modeling platform as part of a multi-year plan to update the product, says Bill Keogh, senior vice president of strategic initiatives at the Oakland, Calif.-based firm.

EQECAT’s WORLDCAT Enterprise platform will begin using SQL Server relational database over the currently supported SQLAnywhere.

SQL — an acronym for structured query language — is a computer language that allows users to create complex databases.

The move to SQL server is part of a larger re-architecture of the firm’s WORLDCAT Enterprise platform and its underlying schema, Keogh says.
“The move to SQL server is really a change that brings additional scalability to the platform and also allows clients to add significant speed as they incorporate more hardware,” Keogh says. “We have overcome performance limitations, and over the next two years we will continuously add other new features and functionality to stay ahead of our clients’ needs.”
EQECAT has also been revising its database schema for the past six months and the adoption of the SQL server allows the firm to begin the next phase of the re-architecture project.
The next steps in the implementation of the new schema are new database inputs and outputs, which include an expanded financial model and greater access to detailed loss results.
Keogh adds that the new database schema will be available in two years.
“The move to SQL is the most significant product enhancement in a number of years,” Keogh says, “but it also sets the stage for even more significant improvements in the future.”

Last week EQECAT announced that it had hired Marian Szefler from Risk Management Solutions as senior vice president of software architecture with responsibility for the \overall re-architecture project.

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