February 13, 2015: Turkey's Frightening Quake Risk, Fitch Blames Alternative Capital

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

Two-Thirds of Population Live in Quake-Prone Areas

Daily Sabah

Digures show 10 million buildings are situated in high risk areas and another 5 million are in secondary risk areas.

Boston, Already Buried in Snow, Faces Potentially Crippling Blizzard This Weekend


The storm this weekend may be among the strongest of the storms to hit Boston so far this season.

The US is On Track for a Record-Breaking Megadrought


In just a few decades, a huge swath of the US could experience the biggest megadrought that the US has seen in 1,000 years.

Listen To Our Conversation With The Microbe Map Man


The findings and the maps the team created during their research is getting much attention.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

AIG Profit Falls 67% on Debt Repayment, Reserve Costs


Chief Executive Officer Peter Hancock has been revamping management and working to improve results at the property-casualty operation.

Alt-Capital Influx Hurts Reinsurers’ Returns, Fuels M&A

Fitch Ratings

The expansion of alternative capital sources within the reinsurance market is likely to contribute to lower returns on equity across the reinsurance sector and sustain the market’s M&A wave.

GIC Re to Foray Into US Market

Business Standard

GIC Re’s global operations contribute 50 per cent of its premium income and the US operations will help strengthen its global presence.

Markel ‘Open for Business’ as Insurance Dealmaking Accelerates


Markel Corp. is ready to consider more acquisitions to expand, said Richie Whitt, co-chief operating officer.

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