February 29, 2016: Taking on the Climate/Zika Connection and AQR Soaks Up Liquid Alts

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

Scientists Protest Cuts and Commercialization at Australian Climate Center

New York Times

Scientists say the loss of the Australian data could impair their ability to predict severe regional weather and help people prepare for extreme floods, drought, bushfires and cyclones.

Deadly ‘Dixie Alley’ Focus of New Tornado-Chasing Campaign

USA Today

Two decades after helping inspire the movie Twister, a vast operation to chase, observe and study tornadoes in the USA is getting a reboot.

Climate Information May Be Key Weapon in Fight Against Zika Spread


The connection between climate and health issues must be made – and that doesn’t always happen.

Nearly 6,000 Emergency, Military Personnel to Conduct PNW Megaquake Exercise

Seattle Times

Sunday’s 15th anniversary of the Nisqually quake finds FEMA preparing for a June exercise to simulate a much more powerful megaquake and tsunami.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

How AQR’s Liquid Alternative Funds Are Outperforming Competitors


Cliff Asness’ approach has helped make AQR’s liquid-alt mutual funds among the best in the business.

Most in Favour of State-Back Insurance Fund to Help Weather Victims


Three in five people in Ireland are in favour of a state-backed insurance fund for areas at high risk from floods.

After Gas Leak, Porter Ranch Homeowners Hold Their Breath Over Property Values

LA Times

As thousands of displaced residents return to their homes, many are worrying if their property values have taken a big hit.

UK Storms Batter Profits at Insurer Hiscox

The Telegraph

The pre-tax profits of insurer Hiscox fell 6.5pc to £216.1m, after a “challenging” year in which it was forced to pull out of a new pan-European operation and hit harder than expected by severe UK storms.

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