January 12, 2015: Hedge Funds' Nutty California Drought Play, Canada Quakes and Sandy Storm Surge Suit

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

Invasion of the Hedge Fund Almonds

Mother Jones

Massive financial interests—banks, pension funds, insurance companies—are moving rapidly into the nut trade in the midst of the worst drought in California’s history.

What Does Haiti Have to Show for $13 Billion in Earthquake Aid?


Five years after an earthquake left corpses and rubble piled across Haiti, 85,000 people still live in crude displacement camps and many more in deplorable conditions.

Why Have There Been So Many Earthquakes Off the Coast of B.C.?

Global News Canada

Over the past month there have been 169 earthquakes of magnitude 2.5 or above off the coast of British Columbia. Is this a sign of the “big one?”

Extreme Weather Displaces Far More People Than War — And It’s Getting Worse

Vice News

The displaced won’t be fleeing the horrors of the battlefield, they said, but environmental disasters, made more frequent and severe by climate change.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

McGavick Says Hedge Funds Move Past Pat-On-Head Approach


nvestors such as hedge funds and pensions are becoming more sophisticated as they partner with insurers, XL Group Plc Chief Executive Officer Mike McGavick said.

Insurers Push For Coverage Limits In Amtrak’s $1B Sandy Suit

Law 360 (sub required)

A slew of insurers asked a New York federal court overseeing Amtrak’s coverage suit to find that a storm surge constituted flooding subject to sublimits in the relevant policies.

Citizens Property Insurance Sees Upside to Little-Used Clearinghouse

Tampa Bay Times

To say the clearinghouse has underperformed expectations is an understatement.

Insurance Premiums Set to Fall Amid Wave of Funding

The Australian

Despite its cheap energy and other advantages, America is still losing ground to emerging markets in the battle for foreign investment.

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