January 12, 2016: What Will Evan Greenberg Build, a Flood Re Add On and Big Weather Research Upgrades

Chris Westfall
Chris Westfall

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

Strain on Nepal Faultline Risks Another Earthquake in Kathmandu, Study Finds

The Guardian

A major tremor could hit Nepal’s Gorkha district within years rather than the centuries that usually pass between quakes, say researchers.

Pali Becomes Earliest Hurricane on Record in Central Pacific

Honolulu Star Telegram

Pali intensified into a category 1 hurricane today with sustained winds of 85 mph, far southwest of Hawaii.

NOAA Completes Weather and Climate Supercomputer Upgrades


A nearly four-fold increase in computing capacity will innovate U.S. forecasting in 2016.

Future NCAR Supercomputer To Precipitate Climate Research

Next Platform

The upgrade will offer the weather and climate modeling research organization lots more oomph to run its simulations.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

Evan Greenberg’s Ace in Chubb’s Clothing

Institutional Investor

At Chubb, Greenberg will be betting on the same acquisition strategy and obsession with underwriting that helped him turn ACE from a midsize reinsurer into one of the world’s largest multiline insurance companies.

AIG Shareholder Poll Reveals Desire for Change

Financial Times (sub may be required)

Only a small minority of shareholders fully back American International Group’s present strategy.

The Future of Cities Depends on Innovative Financing

Harvard Business Review

Social impact bonds were conceived to tackle social problems that can be objectively measured.

UK Brokers Plan Flood Insurance for Small Businesses


While households in flood-prone areas will be able to get cheaper insurance after launch of the Flood Re reinsurance scheme in April, small businesses have complained that they are excluded.