January 13, 2016: ILS Ready to Move On From Reinsurance and Reconsidering the Aleutian Quake Zone Threat

Chris Westfall
Chris Westfall

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

Aleutian Quake Zone Could Shoot Big Tsunamis To Hawaii, California


Two teams of geologists say portions of the seafloor along the Aleutian Islands in southwestern Alaska could produce tsunamis more devastating than anything seen in the past century.

2015 Worst US Wildfire Year on Record

Earth Sky

Wildfires scorched more than 10 million acres of land in the United States during 2015.

Why South Asia Is Overdue for an Earthquake Bigger Than Nepal’s

WSJ (sub may be required)

A sweep of the western Himalayas in India, Nepal, Pakistan and Afghanistan is at risk from earthquakes as strong as magnitude 8, geologists warn.

A Hurricane? In January? You Can Thank El Niño

Discovery News

Tropical storm Pali intensified late yesterday to become the earliest hurricane ever recorded in the Central Pacific Ocean.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

Industry Expert Sees Hungry Cat Bond Market Turning to Direct Insurance After Re Sector

Canadian Insurance Top Broker

The CEO Omega Insurance argues its only a “matter of time” before ILS moves on from reinsurance into direct insurance.

Report: Governor’s Office Eyeing Bill Hager, Tom Grady for Insurance Commissioner 

Florida Politics 

Grady is the former interim president of Citizens Property Insurance Corp.and Rep. Bill Hager , a former Iowa Insurance Commissioner.

Hillary Clinton Going After ‘Romney Loophole’ And Other Tax Shelters

Huffington Post

Clinton will close what the campaign is calling the “Bermuda reinsurance loophole.”

Finance for Climate Resilience in the Dawn of the Paris Era

Center for American Progress

What is the gap in adaptation finance that must be bridged in order to fulfill the values of the Paris agreement?