January 14, 2015: Modelling Disease Panic, First Multi-Peril Crop Payout and Teeny Tiny Typhoon Travelers

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

How to Predict Responses to Disease

MIT News

Computer model could help public health officials anticipate overreactions to disease outbreaks.

Warnings As ‘Thundersnow’ Hits Parts Of UK

Sky News

Winter weather sweeps across the UK bringing travel disruption and prompting the Met Office to issue an amber alert in some areas.

Region Warned to Be Prepared for Massive Earthquake

Jamaica Observer

The University of the West Indies is warning the region to “move expeditiously” towards building resilience amid predictions of the Caribbean being hit with an earthquake with a magnitude of eight or larger.

You Can Trace a Typhoon Through Changes in Ocean Life


The ocean’s smallest life forms ride out a storm in a distinctive way.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

What Does Terrorism Insurance Program Mean for Las Vegas? Quite a Lot

Las Vegas Sun

n its first week back, there was one thing virtually all of Congress could agree on: Las Vegas casinos and other large commercial businesses should be protected financially from a major terrorist attack.

Farmers Receive Major Payout from Australia’s First Multi-Peril Crop Insurance After Crops Failed

ABC Rural

A Queensland farmer is set to receive a $944,000 payout under Australia’s first multi-peril crop insurance, after a failed season.

For India Inc, Premiums May Not Rise This Year as Reinsurance Rates Fall

Hindu Business Line

Eight U.S. web giants have joined hands to start a public campaign for new lion how governments collect user information amid concerns of growing online surveillance.

IAG Pulled Up by RBNZ for Reinsurance Breach


Giant insurer IAG New Zealand has been pulled up by the Reserve Bank for putting in place catastrophe reinsurance that fell $220 million short of its licence requirements.

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