January 18, 2017: China Prepares Quake Satellite, McMurray Loss All In and a Hedge Fund Minority Report

Risk Science & Finance: What You Need to Read Today

Under Pressure, Scientists Seek Solutions to Human-Caused Earthquakes
Scientific American
Wastewater injection has created seismic problems in states like Oklahoma and Texas—but there are ways to mitigate the rumbling

Fort McMurray Wildfire Costs to Reach Almost $9B, New Report Says
The study calculates the impact of the disaster on all levels, including financial, physical and social factors.

Interview with Philippe Donnet, CEO of Generali, from the World Economic Forum 2017
“I don’t think there will be mega deals in the insurance industry.”

Bad Behavior Database Aims to Stop Rogue Traders Before They Act
Behavox is building a library of banking villainy based on the behaviors of hundreds of past miscreants

China to Launch Satellite for Earthquake Study

China will launch a satellite this year to gather electromagnetic data that may be used in monitoring and forecasting earthquakes.


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