January 20, 2015: Japan Faces Post Tsunami Fire Threat, China Insurers Get Pricey

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

Hundreds of Tsunami-Caused Fires Could Accompany Nankai Trough Quake: Expert

Japan Times

The fires would be caused by flammable oils or gases leaking from damaged vehicles and storage tanks. and ould be difficult to extinguish and could be widespread.

New Zealand Farmers Have a New Beef: Drought Threat

WSJ (sub may be required) 

The country has endured droughts before, including two summers ago when it experienced the worst in 70 years.

Next Round of ‘King Tides’ Hitting California Coast

Denver Post

The tides are also expected to affect the Monterey Bay and parts of Southern California.

How a ‘Czar’ Fights a Disease


Ron Klain on the White House response to Ebola.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

QBE to Sell off North American Assets in $US300m Deal

Sydney Morning Herald

Under the agreement, QBE will get $US217 million upfront with the balance payable over five years.

Are China’s Insurers Getting Expensive?


Beijing wants to become a “limited liability” government and is actively encouraging the insurance companies to get Chinese and the Chinese businesses covered.

Insurance Firms Find Bigger May Be Better

Mergers & Acquisitions

Riding the tide of consolidation in the financial services industry, middle-market insurance companies are merging.

Cyclone Hudhud Resulted in $7 billion Loss for Indian Economy: Munich Re 

Economic Times

Of the overall losses of approxi approximately $7 billion, roughly $530 million was insured.

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