January 22, 2016: Tipping Point for Insurance Capital and What the Models Know About Jonas

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

Forecasters Are Shocked by How Long They’ve Seen Winter Storm Jonas Coming

Tech Insider

Computer models all over the world – some of which run as many as many as 700 trillion calculations per second – are consistently turning up highly similar predictions of Jonas’ course.

Targeted School Closures Might Help Fight Pandemic Flu


Closing select schools or even just certain classrooms might limit social costs while slowing down spread of the disease more effectively than a nationwide shutdown.

El Niño Does Bring Floods And Drought But There’s A Silver Lining


Maybe El Niño isn’t as bad as its reputation.

Japan Offers Us Many Lessons in Embracing Longevity

The Conversation

Japan’s experience makes it an interesting example to learn from in the area of aged care.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

Capital Flows Into Insurance: Are We at a Tipping Point

Diamond Hill Capital Management

With institutional investors coming to accept insurance risks as an asset class and industry players willing to partner with these investors, there is a classic marker for a tipping point.

Stop Ignoring Costs of Smaller Disasters: U.N. Risk Chief


Governments around the world are underestimating the costs of disasters, particularly smaller ones triggered by weather and climate extremes.

Travelers Earnings Beat Street, Fall Shy of Last Year

WSJ (sub may be required)

New York insurer reports weaker investment income as low interest rates eat into bond portfolio.

Aviva to Buy RBC Unit for Canada Growth as Wilson Builds Insurer


Aviva Chief Executive Officer Mark Wilson, who joined in 2013 to turn around the insurer, has been reshaping the company through deals.

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