January 23, 2016: Tornadoes Rip Through the Southeast and Man Made Quakes Get Bigger

Risk Science & Finance:What You Need to Read Today

At Least 18 Die as Tornadoes Sweep Southeast
New York Times
Since Saturday morning, 30 tornadoes were reported in Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana and Mississippi.

Earthquakes Triggered by Humans Pose Growing Risk
The Conversation
The sheer breadth of industrial activity found to be potentially seismogenic has come as a surprise to many scientists.

Governments Should Learn to Pass the Buck on Natural Disaster Costs
Globe and Mail
The reality is that when there is a catastrophe, taxpayers are generally left with the bill.

How Risk Insurance Spells Resilience for Disaster-Prone People
In an uncertain world, insurance can form part of a swifter, more predictable and cost-effective response package.

Could Scott Pruitt Have Fixed Oklahoma’s Earthquake Epidemic?
The Atlantic
Critics say he could have done much more to help the state’s citizens.

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