January 8, 2016: Bracing for a Big One in Oklahoma and a Possible Billion Dollar Gas Blast Claim

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

Earthquakes in Oklahoma Raise Fears of a Big One

New York Times

Some experts said recent quakes hinted at the possibility of a larger shock.

Bushfire Destroys Nearly 100 Homes in Western Australia, Missing People Found


The bushfire continues to threaten other beef and dairy producing towns in the state.

Extreme Weather Wiped Out a Tenth of the World’s Cereal Production

Vice News

Researchers have found that droughts and heat waves reduced global production of wheat, rice and barley up to 10 percent.

U.S. Weather Wet And Wild In 2015, Though No Big Hurricanes


Climate and a very strong El Nino pushed the average temperature in the U.S. up over its 20th century average by 2.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

Insurers Brace for the Self-Driving Future and Fewer Accidents

New York Times

As autonomous driving technology advances, perhaps the most notable benefit is the promise of a striking reduction in accidents.

Claims in Porter Ranch Gas Leak Could Cost Utility Billions of Dollars

LA Times

Policies following the gas explosion, the utility said, have a combined limit available “in excess of $1 billion.”

Tianjin Blasts a Blip as Marine Insurance Prices Keep Falling – Broker


Reinsurance rates in the marine sector continued to fall at the start of the year, in spite of the huge cost of explosions at China’s Tianjin port last August.

High-Cost Products Fuel Chinese Insurer’s Big Deals

Wall Street Journal (sub may be required)

There was also a proposal earlier to have two different pools, one for below poverty line and one for above, but that has now been scrapped.

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