January 9, 2016: Rating the Cyber Risk Threat and New India Fault Worries and Counting the Canadian Wildfire Cost

Risk Science & Finance: What You Need to Read Today

Insurers Tap Cyber Security Ratings to Limit Liabilities
Financial Times (sub may be required)
A new breed of start-ups aims to assess strength of companies’ defences against hackers

Winter Storm in Northern California Becomes a ‘Serious Situation’ As Widespread Flooding, Evacuations Occur
LA Times
the storm is one of a string that is expected to continue dumping more rain and snow, part of a so-called atmospheric river.

Alberta Fires Push Canada’s Insurable Damage to Record $4.9 Billion in 2016: IBC
Edmonton Journal
The estimated insurable damage toll was about $1.7 billion higher than the previous full-year record of $3.2 billion set in 2013.

New Fault in Indian Ocean May Trigger Quakes in Future: Study
The Hindu
The large tremor that shook the Andaman-Sumatra region in 2012 may be resulting in a plate boundary on the floor.

Everybody’s Talking Blockchain. What Does It Promise for Insurance?
This industry is often slow to adopt change, and yet blockchain has the potential to effect it more profoundly and significantly that other financial service industries.


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