July 21, 2016: Markets Should Change Climate Change, Catastrophes Hit Travelers and Hot Tub Hurricane Machine

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

Gulf of Mexico ‘Hot Tub’ Could Fuel Hurricane Season Toward Peak


If a tropical system does get into the Gulf, it would have plentiful warm water in which to form and grow.

Earthquake Swarm Continues in South Bay Near Hollister


In the past four days, more than 39 tremors have hit the area on a section of the San Andreas system known as the Calaveras Fault.

Live Fast, Die Young


Research into ageing requires patience, but a small cadre of scientists is angling to speed up answers by developing the flamboyant, short-lived turquoise killifish as a new model.

Stanford Research Cites Child Mortality as Major Factor in Lifespan Inequality Gap


A new Stanford study shows that reducing child mortality in a society also reduces the gap between those people who die earlier than expected and those who live longer on average.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

Letting Markets Guide Adaptation to Climate Change

New York Time

We are forestalling climate adaption if we don’t allow markets to accurately and freely price the risks caused by climate change.

Travelers Profit Drops to Lowest Since 2012 on Investments, Fire


Global catastrophe costs have climbed across the industry this year.

Swiss Re Unit In Talks Over £1bn Stake Sale

Sky News

One of Europe’s biggest consolidators of closed-life insurance policies is approaching investors about the sale of a £1bn stake that could bolster its firepower for further acquisitions.

Insurers Ignoring Risks of Oil, Gas Investments: Study


Only one percent of insurers globally are assessing the risk of being left with investments in “stranded assets.”

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