June 14, 2016: How Zika Blossomed, Pushing a Australian Disaster Scheme and a Canadian Reinsurance Kickback Scandal

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

How Zika Became a Global Threat

New York Times

How Zika came out of Africa, crossed the Pacific Ocean, came to Brazil and became a dangerous public health threat.

Study: Nepal Could Be Due for Another Major Earthquake


Last year’s temblor left enough energy in the ground to fuel another major disaster, say scientists.

Climate and Society Will Determine the Future of Wildfire in the South


A new study is one of the first to account for land use and other societal changes in making projections of future acres burned by wildfires.

Europeans See ISIS, Climate Change as Most Serious Threats

Pew Research Center

More than half in all European countries surveyed say global climate change is a major threat to their country.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

Minister Advocates EQC Model for Australia


The Minister for EQC has described New Zealand’s national natural disaster insurance scheme as being ‘a huge meeting of both socialist goals and capitalism’ that could work well for Australians too.

Firms That Left U.S. Still Enjoy Perks

WSJ (sub may be required)

One of the earliest address changes in the recent wave of U.S. firms moving overseas was the move by Aon.

Government Removes Board of Agriculture Financial Service Corporation, Suspends Three Top Executives


The AFSC relied on a broker to obtain reinsurance and an audit uncovered improper sole-source contracts, expense claims, lavish gifts .

MetLife CFO Hele Steers a Tricky Course

WSJ (sub may be required)

xecutive helps insurer navigate restructuring that puts more stress on generating cash.

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