June 16, 2016: IBM's Weather Model Play, Berger Throws Paulson Reinsurer Under the Bus and Swiss Re Estimates Canadian Flood Risk

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

The Weather Company Absorbs ‘Deep Thunder’ to Bolster Modeling


IBM is combining two of its weather forecasting resources to create a single combined forecasting model that executives say will be more accurate than what came before.

Colombia Zika study: No Birth Defects in Late Pregnancy Infections


Maternal infections with Zika virus during the third trimester don’t appear to be linked to structural abnormalities in babies.

Six-Story Building Put to Earthquake Test


Researchers at the University of California, San Diego rocked and rattled a six-story steel frame building on a giant shake table Wednesday to see how the structure would withstand major earthquakes.

Why Homicides Rose in 2015


A new report from the National Institute of Justice explores why homicides rose so sharply in 2015 across 56 U.S. cities.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

Icahn, Paulson Add Transparency, AIG President Says


AIG said in January it planned to cut $1.6 billion of costs and return at least $25 billion to shareholders over the next two years.

Loeb Reinsurer Says Paulson Exit Eased Tax Scrutiny on Industry


The Paulson reinsurance operation “had no employees, they wrote very little business and they had a big amount of capital sitting offshore.”

Major Flood Events Could Cost Canada $13 Billion: Analysis

Calgary Sun

Swiss Re forecasts that a likely one-in-200-year loss scenario would feature extensive flooding covering multiple western Canadian provinces.

Insured Storm Losses Triple: ICA

The Australian

The full impact of the storms that battered the east coast almost two weeks ago is becoming apparent for insurers.

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