June 17, 2016: Australia Face Bigger Losses, Modeling ISIS and Florida Insurer Faces Rate Scrutiny

Chris Westfall
Chris Westfall

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

A Step Forward in Understanding Mechanisms Behind Magma Generation and the Outbreak of Earthquakes


A new discovery may reinforce the theory that underground salt water influences the occurrence of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

Fighting ISIS With an Algorithm, Physicists Try to Predict Attacks

New York Times

A new mathematical model sifts order from the chaotic pro-terrorism online universe.

Santa Barbara Fire Explodes to 1,700 Acres and Again Loses Highway 101

LA Times

“Fires are going to get worse this season. This weather’s going to make the perfect storm.”

Is The Risk Of Catching Zika Greater In Poor Neighborhoods?


Brazilian scientists say the link between poverty and Zika is not clear.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

American Family Wants Permission to Reorganize As it Eyes Expanding Beyond Insurance

Wisconsin State Journal

American Family wants to convert to a mutual holding company, a move that the company says will “provide more flexibility to pursue customer-driven initiatives.”

Specialist Players Ready to Pounce as Insurance Sell-Off Gathers Pace


European insurers are looking to sell portfolios of general insurance business closed to new customers.

Battered Insurers IAG, Suncorp Face More Wild Weather

The Australian 

Insurance companies are at risk of breaching their natural disaster allowances and are battening down the hatches for another weekend of wild weather along the east coast of Australia.

Public Hearing Requested Over Heritage’s 14.9-Percent Insurance Rate Increase

Sun Sentinel 

Heritage’s recent rate- and policy-change requests have drawn scrutiny from the regulators.