June 22, 2016: How Bad is U.S. Weather Modeling, Florida Swaps Wind Risk for Rain and Brexit is Just the Beginning of Political Risk 

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

The US Weather Model is Now the Fourth Best in the World

Ars Technica 

When the US Air Force abandons your forecasts for another country, that’s pretty bad.

Bangladesh River Eats Up Land and Homes, Trapping Poor Villagers


Riverbank erosion is a common problem during the monsoon, but scientists say climate change is making the phenomenon worse by contributing to higher levels of flooding and siltation.

Research on San Andreas Fault Gives Hope that Earthquake Prediction May be Possible

Scripps News

GPS mapping of the fault line may give researchers a tip as to when the fault is ready to rupture.

Brexit Won’t Be the End of Political Risk for Investors

FT (sub may be required)

Britain’s vote on EU membership isn’t the only source of political risk this year.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

Hedge Funds Still Can’t Figure Out a Way to Avoid a $25 Billion Tax Bill


The deadline they face is Dec. 31, 2017. That’s when a loophole closes, and hedge-fund managers will have to pay taxes on performance fees parked offshore.

Citizens Pursues Rate Hike Citing Water Claims

Miami Herald

Citizens and other insurers contend that premiums are being driven up by an increase in household water-damage claims and a process known as “assignment of benefits.”

Insurer Neon Set to Shine in Bermuda

Royal Gazette

Lloyd’s of London-based insurer Neon has opened a new office in Bermuda and the firm aims to expand its on-island two-strong team as it targets the US market.

Grandpoint Bank Offers Cyber Insurance Against Wire-Transfer Fraud


Grandpoint said the policy, which is underwritten by Hiscox, costs $30 to $70 per month for up to $1 million in coverage.

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