June 28, 2016: Banks Model Droughts for Loans, Another 1,000 Flood and Brexit Hangover

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

West Virginia Flood Was ‘One in a Thousand Year Event,’ Weather Service Says

Washington Post

The torrential rain that inundated parts of southern and central West Virginia on Thursday was truly an exceptional meteorological event that has had devastating consequences.

Nature as Storm Defender

Harvard Gazette

Seawalls not only fail often but can promote environmental damage, researcher says.

Study Documents Live Zika Virus in Urine and Saliva


Findings hint at other possible person-to-person Zika transmission routes.

Nine California Wildfires Destroy Almost 70,000 Acres

LA Times

The deadly Erskine fire in Kern County is the largest of the fires and has so far burned 45,388 acres since it began late Thursday.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

SPECIAL REPORT: The Future of Insurance

FT (sub may be required)

From Brexit worries to Africa’s insurance market a ‘giant waking up.’

Banks Tackle Drought-Related Default with New Risk Model

Institutional Investor

UBS and eight fellow banks are working with the UN and the German government to measure drought in their lending portfolios.

Mass Shootings Have Insurers Going on Offense

CBS News

Insurers, such as XL Catlin and GDP Advisors, now offer specific “active shooter” policies.

Brexit Vote Prompts Fears Over UK Insurers’ Capital Strength


Market falls triggered by Britain’s vote to leave the European Union will hit British insurers’ capital, raising concerns over their ability to pay dividends or hand cash back to investors.

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