March 10, 2017: Welcome the Robot Insurance Overlords, AIG's Game of Thrones and a Five Years of Japan Aftershocks

Machines Will Save the Insurance Industry
Bloomberg Gadfly
Insurance companies are running out of ideas.

Who Will Lead A.I.G.?
With Peter D. Hancock’s resignation as the insurance company’s chief executive there is no clear successor, but there are plenty of suggestions as to who could take the helm.

Aftershocks at More Than Twice Usual Quake Rate Since 2011 Event
Asahi Shimbun
IIRC’s Paul Druckman discusses the principles behind the new framework and the effect it will have on sustainability.

The Coming Revolution in Insurance
The Economist 
Technological change and competition disrupt a complacent industry.

Avian Influenza Global Spread Raises Concern for Next Human Pandemic and Poultry Production
ABC News
Various strains of the avian flu have spread globally over the past two years, creating concern among scientists about the next pandemic.

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