March 13, 2015: Louisiana Citizens CEO Out, Insurance Rap and Bird Flu at Pandemic Tipping Point

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

Predicting Which African Storms Will Intensify Into Hurricanes

85 percent of the most intense hurricanes affecting the U.S. and Canada start off as disturbances in the atmosphere over Western Africa.

Cyclone Pam Nears Vanuatu After Hitting South Pacific Nations

BBC News

Cyclone Pam, a category five tropical storm, is bearing down on Vanuatu after causing destruction in several South Pacific nations.

Frontier Beneath Our Feet: Seismic Study Aims to Map Earth’s Interior in 3-D

Princeton University

Princeton geosciences professor Jeroen Tromp and his team have embarked on an ambitious project to use earthquakes to map the Earth’s entire mantle.

Mutating H7N9 Bird Flu May Pose Pandemic Threat, Scientists Warn


A wave of H7N9 bird flu in China that has spread into people may have the potential to emerge as a pandemic strain in humans, scientists said on Wednesday.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

Louisiana-Backed Insurer’s CEO Resigns After Closed Board Meeting

The Advocate

A closed board session of state-backed insurer involved personnel issues.

Risk and Reward

The Economist

Data and technology are starting to up-end the insurance business.

Insurers Are Using Rap Videos to Make Being an Actuary Look Hip


The insurance industry is a great place for young recruits, says the insurance industry.

FEMA to Review All Flood Damage Claims From Hurricane Sandy

New York Times

Insurance and engineering firms have denied any wrongdoing.

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