March 17, 2016: Zika Spread Modeled and the US Pensions Risk Transfer Rush

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

An Architect’s Role in ‘Creation From Catastrophe’


Amid disaster, natural or manmade, there is an opportunity to rebuild an entire city.

A New Way to Detect Tsunamis: Cargo Ships

The Conversation 

A pilot project will turn the moving ships into a distributed network of sensors that could give coastal communities more time to evacuate.

Cuba, Dominica Report Local Zika; Study Estimates US Risk


Weather scientists today unveiled risk estimates for 50 US cities, with the main hot spots in the South and East.

How a Monster El Niño Transforms the World’s Weather


An exceptionally strong El Niño has been making headlines around the globe as it tampers with the world’s weather.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

As Insurance Spikes, U.S. Corporate Pensions Aim to Transfer Risk

Institutional Investor

The prospect of higher PBGC premiums has plan sponsor weighing options like annuities and lump-sum payouts.

The Good, the Bad and the Interesting: Evaluating the Applicants for Florida Insurance Commissioner

Florida Politics

Replacing Commissioner Kevin McCarty of the Office of Insurance Regulation is shaping up to be a challenge.

Corporation Tax: Insurance Linked Securities

HM Revenue & Customs

The measure provides a power to make statutory instruments to deal with the treatment of insurance linked securities issued in the UK. It will define the scope, conditions and treatment of vehicles issuing insurance linked securities, as well as allowing for the taxation of investors.

Cost of Natural Disaster Cover to Rise

Times of India

Cost of covering property against natural catastrophes in India is set to rise from the financial year 2016-17, with claim intimations from the Chennai floods crossing Rs 4,500 crore.

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