March 2, 2016: Florida Takeouts Slow as Rates Level and the Sea Level Risk Costs Rethought

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

Climate Scientists Worry About the Costs of Sea Level Rise


New research addresses the economic costs of damages associated with sea level rise.

Spectre of Ebola Haunts Zika Response


Agencies rush to show that outbreak tactics have improved.

Carbon Monox-Lies


A fear mongering article attempted to link an alleged “carbon monoxide spike” with an earthquake prediction.

Purdue Researcher: Cyclone Forecasting for Indian Coast Improved


A partnership among scientists and the governments of the United States and India has made significant progress in improving the safety of people vulnerable to cyclones along the Indian coast.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

Investors Ignore the ‘Bezzle’ At Their Peril

FT (sub may be required)

Today, investors, either directly or through pooled funds, are being “bezzle-d”.

Another 81,500 Citizens Policies Approved for Takeout

Sun Sentinel 

The lower transfer rate probably stems from the fact that private insurers can’t offer windstorm rates as low as Citizens for higher-risk coastal properties, Citizens officials have said.

Insurance-Linked Securities: Taking the Market by Storm


Insurance-linked securities are gaining popularity as a diversifying asset class, but what are the available strategies, underlying risks and costs?

How the Insurance Industry Could Reform American Policing

Washington Post

There is a powerful but unlikely resource that is quietly reforming police departments across the country: the insurance industry.

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