March 21, 2016: Cyber Cover Tipping Point, Axa CEO Out Early and Visualizing Zika

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

K Computer Performs High-Performance Simulations with Unprecedented Accuracy

Scientific Computing

It should help researchers to understand earthquake occurrence mechanisms and the Earth’s internal structures more precisely

New Visualization Reveals the Zika Virus at Atomic Level


The Zika virus pandemic is sweeping across Latin America, sparking a surge in research aimed at learning more about the virus and to devise a vaccine against it.

Philippines to Hold Banks `Accountable’ for Role in Cyber Heist


The Philippines will hold accountable any bank or banker found responsible or remiss in their duties in the $81 million cyber heist of Bangladeshi foreign reserves that wound up in the Southeast Asian nation’s financial system

Lucy Jones: Saving Lives on Fault Lines

New York Times

Lucy Jones, a science adviser at the United States Geological Survey, has helped shape policy to renovate or demolish buildings that are at risk of collapse in an earthquake.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

Money Managers Starting to Buy Cyberattack Insurance

Pensions & Investments

Interest in coverage at “tipping point’ as SEC increases reviews of safeguards

Axa’s De Castries to Retire Early, Buberl to Take CEO Post


Axa SA Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Henri de Castries is leaving earlier than expected, handing over the post of CEO to Thomas Buberl as France’s largest insurer splits its top jobs.

Northern Insurance Premiums a Heavy Burden

Australian Financial Review

Over the last decade, insurance premiums for those living in Northern Australia have been rising rapidly.

Fannie Mae Announces Largest Credit Insurance Risk Transfer Deal

Hosusing Wire

Fannie Mae announced its first Credit Insurance Risk Transfer transactions of 2016, shifting approximately $19.5 billion to a group of insurers and reinsurers.

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