March 28, 2017: Slow Cyclones, Big Hail and Lloyd's of Luxembourg

Chris Westfall
Chris Westfall

Queensland Cyclone: Why ‘Lazy’ Debbie is So Dangerous
Courier Mail
Experts say that slow speed that could make Cyclone Debbie one of the most destructive.

Zurich Wants a Little Freedom
Bloomberg Gadfly
Zurich Insurance Group AG wants more freedom from its shareholders to raise money quickly.

Expect Fewer Cyclones, But the Ones That Form Will Pack a Wallop

The latest research into cyclones suggests that this will become the norm: fewer cyclones, but the ones that do form will be more destructive than ever.

Another Chance for hail, Damaging Winds Tuesday and Wednesday
Fort Worth Stat Telegram
State Farm had 145,00 hail claims in Texas last year — 100,000 more than any other state.

Factbox – Impact on Insurers from Britain’s Vote to Leave the EU
As Lloyd’s leaves London, a review of plans for EU subsidiaries proposed by insurers.