March 30, 2016: Small Dam Equals Big Cyber Risk and Florida to Restart Insurance Commissioner Search

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

New York’s Little Dam Sends Super-Sized Warning of Cyber-Attacks

Bloomberg Technology

The hacking of a 75-year-old dam brought fresh attention to warnings that critical U.S. infrastructure is vulnerable to online assault.

New Study: People from French-Speaking Countries Are More Likely to Become Jihadists


The countries most likely to produce people who leave to fight in Syria or Iraq tended to be French-speaking, or heavily influenced by French language and culture.

Mapping a Genetic Strategy to Fight the Zika Virus

New York Times

Some of the nation’s leading mosquito researchers are striving to assemble a state-of-the-art DNA map that they say will help them fight the disease with the mosquito’s own genetic code.

Longer-term Weather and Environmental Forecasts Will Provide Enormous Benefit

Weather and environmental forecasts made several weeks to months in advance can someday be as widely used and essential as current predictions of tomorrow’s weather are.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

AIG Cuts CEO Incentive Award 29% After Missing Profit Goals


Hancock has been reshaping management since taking over in September 2014.

Scott, Atwater Can’t Agree on Insurance Commissioner

Tampa Bay Business Journal

The state has resumed its search for a new insurance commissioner after Gov. Rick Scott and Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater could not reach agreement Tuesday.

Global Insured Losses from Disasters Reach USD 37 Billion in 2015

Swiss Re

There were 353 disaster events last year. Of those, 198 were natural catastrophes, which is the highest number in one year.

Florida Offshore Spending Would Hike Homeowner Costs 3.2 Percent

Palm Beach Post

A move to buy reinsurance, if carried out in April, would raise rates 3.2 percent, offsetting about a third of an expected overall 9 percent decrease in  CAT Fund rates.

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