March 6, 2015: Isle of Man Launches ILS Framework, 54 Million at Risk of Flood

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

El Niño Finally Arrives But is Weaker Than Expected, Says US Agency

The Guardian

Arrival of long-anticipated climate phenomenon will be too little, too late for drought-struck California, meteorologists say.

Extreme Rain May Flood 54 Million People by 2030

Scientific American

Floods could affect twice as many people as currently within 15 years, according to a new tool.

An Earthquake of a Snowstorm

USA Today

What happened in Chile in 2010 could teach us a thing or two about coping with this winter.

Cyclone Watch: No Cause for Alarm Yet, But Forecasters Monitor Tropical Low

Courier Mail

Despite its cheap energy and other advantages, America is still losing ground to emerging markets in the battle for foreign investment.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

Release of ISPV framework

Isle of Man Insurance and Pensions Authority

ISPVs represent a new specialist class of (re)insurer for the Island which is designed to facilitate Insurance Linked Securities and other collateralised (re)insurance transactions between sophisticated parties.

Sompo Japan to Buy 7.8 pct Stake in French Reinsurer SCOR


SCOR welcomed the arrival of Sompo in its capital as a long-term shareholder, but said it had not been party to the transaction between the Japanese company and Patinex.

Insurers Step Up for Drone Pilots Unwilling to Wait on FAA Rules


Purchasing insurance for commercial drones, which isn’t prohibited under FAA rules, doesn’t make flying them legitimate.

Sidecar Pioneer Olympus Re Being Wound Up

Royal Gazette

“The theory is still sound, but it’s been a sorry chapter.”

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