March 7, 2016: Islands Pushes Disaster Cover and Modeling Climate Change's Health Impact

Chris Westfall
Chris Westfall

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Global and Regional Health Effects of Future Food Production Under Climate Change: a Modelling Study


Climate change could kill half a million people globally, and more than a hundred thousand in India over the next 35 years.

Japan Very Nearly Lost Tokyo

New Zealand Herald 

Five years after Fukushima, the then prime minister reveals the ‘paper-thin’ margin that stood between his country and an unimaginable future.

Hoping for Tornadoes? South’s Largest Tornado Research Project Underway in Alabama

Tornadoes for the last 10 springs have been confirmed in north Alabama, not to mention beyond region.

What Is The ‘Maya Express’ And Will It Cause Flooding U.S. Rains This Week?


Significant rainfall totals are projected over Louisiana, Arkansas, and Texas. With river levels already elevated in this region from previous rains, this type of rainfall could pose a significant flooding threat.

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‘ISLANDS’ Innovate to Confront Natural Disaster

China Post

A project run by the Indian Ocean Commission (IOC) has as objective to create a regional financial mechanism which protects the region against losses incurred due to disasters.

Allstate Starts Rail-Car Venture to Counter Rate Risks


Allstate CEO Wilson has been boosting wagers on assets including property and timber while he cuts back on bonds.

Old Mutual Says Considering All Options Under Strategic Review


Sky News reported on Saturday that Old Mutual was plotting a 9 billion pounds ($12.8 billion) break-up that could trigger a takeover battle for the company’s various operations.

Securis Investment Partners Launches Cat Bond UCITS-Compliant Fund


Securis Investment Partners will launch the Securis Catastrophe Bond Fund, a sub-fund of Northill Global Funds ICAV.