March 8, 2017: Massive Cyclone Strikes Madagascar, a Dangerous New California Fault and AIG to Brexit for Luxembourg

Strongest Cyclone in 13 Years Hits Madagascar
Al Jeezera
Cyclone Enawo makes landfall in northeastern Madagascar, packing winds of up to 270 kilometres per hour.

AIG Shifts to Luxembourg as Brexit Makes U.K. Less Attractive
“This is a decisive move that ensures AIG is positioned for whatever form the U.K.’s exit from the EU ultimately takes.”

Largest Shareholder of Tampa Firm Puts its Own Executive in Charge of the Board
Tampa Bay Business Journal
One of the top items on the agenda going forward for 1347 will be establishing business in Florida.

Southern California Fault Systems Capable of Magnitude 7.3 Earthquakes
In 1933, the fault system featured a 6.4 magnitude quake near Long Beach, killing 115 people.

Tennessee Bird Flu Shares Name, Not Genetics, of Feared China Strain: USDA
The virus found in Tennessee likely mutated to become highly pathogenic from a less dangerous, low pathogenic form.


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