May 4, 2016: ILS and Contagion Risk, Fixing the Hail Problem and Caymans Seek Reinsurance 

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

Wildfire Rages Through Canadian City, Forcing Mass Evacuation


Fire raged unchecked through the Canadian city of Fort McMurray overnight as authorities raced to complete the evacuation of its population of 80,000.

Models Are Terrible at Forecasting Hail. These Scientists are Working to Fix That

Washington Post

It all could all change with advancements being made in hail forecast modeling by researchers at the University of Oklahoma.

Scientists Reveal Likely Cause of Recent Southeast U.S. Earthquakes


A new study suggests the southeastern United States will be seismically active for some time.

Car Crashes: Predicting High Risk Locations

Science Daily

Scientists have developed a new blackspot identification method that offers an unbiased prediction of crash counts and allows a more accurate way to identify high-risk crash sites.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

Why AIG Is Pulling Money From Hedge Funds


AIG has been scaling back investments in hedge funds, which have borne the brunt of excessive market volatility.

Roots of the Next Financial Crisis: Veterans Provide Expert Views

Reuters Regulatory Intelligence 

Insurance, ILS and post-event “contagion” risk make the list.

Japan-to-U.S. Insurance M&A Wave Not Over Yet, Bankers Say


Japanese insurers made more than $18 billion worth of acquisitions in the U.S. last year, and their spending spree isn’t over yet.

Gov’t Considers New Steps to Attract Reinsurance Industry

Cayman Compass

The assembly voted in favor of a motion to consider giving incentives to reinsurance and hedge fund management businesses and their senior executives.

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