May 6, 2016: Loeb Whiffs Again, Alberta's Losing Streak and Insurers Keep Slashing Hedge Funds  

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

Dry Winter and Warm Spring Set Stage for Canadian Inferno

New York Times

A relatively dry El Niño winter, a warm spring that melted snow earlier and years of policies have left forests ripe for burning.

Sea-Quake Boost for Tsunami Prediction

New Zealand Herald 

A study of slow-motion tremor in tectonic plates a first for scientists.

Hurricanes Boost Carbon Storage in Southeastern Forests

Climate Central

Hurricanes hitting the Southeast coast can supercharge the region’s forests, spurring them to store more than 100 times the carbon released annually by all vehicles in the U.S.

Extreme Rainfall Doesn’t Always Mean Extreme Erosion, Study Finds.

While extreme rainfall events may at first lead to more flooding, river channels may rapidly increase their size to accommodate the flow.

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

MetLife Takes Axe to Hedge Fund Portfolio

FT (sub may be required)

Insurance group’s chief investment officer Steven Goulart says industry is ‘just too inconsistent’

Loeb’s Third Point Reinsurer Posts Fourth Loss in Two Years


“Despite challenging conditions in both the financial and reinsurance markets, we continue to believe in our total return model.”

Risk Transfer – and the Risks it Creates: a Prudential Regulatory Perspective

Bank of England (direct to PDF)

A speech by the Bank of England’s Andrew Bulley on longevity risk transfer deals.

Fort McMurray Fire Latest in Alberta’s String of Expensive Disasters


In the last decade, Albertans — and insurance companies operating in the province — have been hit hard by natural disasters.

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