North Pacific Cyclone Season May Be Tame
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North Pacific Cyclone Season May Be Tame

Tropical cyclone activity in the Western North Pacific region is likely to be at below-normal levels through the remainder of 2010, according to a statement from Guy Carpenter’s Asia-Pacific Climate Impact Centre (GCACIC).

The total number of tropical cyclones forecast in the region for 2010 is 28, compared to “normal” seasonal activity of 31, according to GCACIC. Tropical storm and typhoon activity is also expected to be lower, with 24 to 26 events forecasted compared to the seasonal average of 27.  

“With the apparent weakening of the El Niño phenomenon and the ocean conditions in the equatorial Pacific tending towards normal, the coming tropical cyclone season in the western North Pacific should be one typical of a ‘post-El Nino’ situation, which generally has below-normal activity,” said Professor Johnny Chan, director of the GCACIC.

In 2009 a total 25 tropical storms developed (14 typhoons and 7 major typhoons), according to the Joint Typhoon Warning Center.

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